Mobile station BarrelBox-Oil 200/2M

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Product Description

Mobile station BarrelBox-Oil AC is designed for pumping and recording motor oils. Ideal for business or units involved in servicing vehicles and other equipment.

The design of the plant allows the transfer of 200 liters of oil in the barrel directly to the place of work and is equipped with an electric self-priming pump, which eliminates the need for compressed air from the compressor.

The convenient control panel allows you to specify several operating modes of the station and has a connector for connecting to a PC for downloading data and keeping records. The hydraulic part of the plant consists of an electric pump with a pressure sensor and a by-pass valve, a high-precision flow meter (up to 0.5% slope), a filter, valve systems, suction and pressure sleeves, a return valve, a dispensing pistol.

The station is equipped with a special protective sensor, which automatically turns off the pump when air enters the hydraulic system and displays a warning on the control panel display. This allows for more
accurate recording of lubricants and helps to prematurely replace the empty drum. Suction and pressure flexible sleeves are equipped with fast adapters which allows you to assemble quickly the station and make it ready.

Models BarrelBox-Oil powered by a DC source (12/24) are designed to pump oil in places where there is no connection to the mains or the compressor. It is very convenient for work in large rooms or open areas.

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